Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 23, 2008 8:03 pm

We love London. And everything in it.

The aim of this forum is to let London Lovers from all backgrounds come together to help London get better at everything it does.

London, like every other major city, has lots of great points, and some not-so-great points. Our intention is to make the good get better, and the bad get lesser.

We do this from a grassroots level, projects and activities that you can help on a personal level. Perhaps over the internet, or getting out in to the streets.

We look at things from a non-political perspective. In fact, we strongly discourage any political debate on the site! We do this for several reasons.

1) There are 100,000 other sites looking at solving problems from a political point of view.
2) We have to accept that helping London get even better is a job that will extend way beyond the current set of politicians.
3) We like to focus on proejcts which you can help out on right this instance, for which the results can be seen instantly.


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