The Average Londoner

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The Average Londoner

Post  Chris on Tue Jun 24, 2008 6:11 pm

In both the USA and Australia (comparable cultures to our own), there is a very strong concept of the 'average man'. Ladies, i'm not sure if this is true for you too, but let me know.

This 'average man' has been carved out over the years as an ideal, and is saturated across all media. It has a really positive effect, where people in these countries really do gravitate towards the ideals of this man. In Australia, this man is healthy, groomed, relaxed, cheerful, funny, strong, responsible, patriotic and hard working. You could think that surely, enforcing such a strict image leads to everyone falling short? Not at all, the enjoyment of life in Australia is way above our own in London.

What traits should we wrap up into the 'Average London Man' to aspire to? Which negative traits should we leave behind?

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